What we do

At a strategic level, we are the discussion partner of the Supervisory Board/Board.
Together with our clients we define the engagement request and we keep them informed of the execution of the assignment during the engagement. We have experience in the way of communicating with regulators.
In practice we work together (if the nature of the assignment requires this) with lawyers from clients or we work directly for lawyers.

We are pragmatic, involved, solution-oriented and hands-on with:

Consultancy assignments

More internal rules and procedures usually do not bring the desired solution, especially when it comes to the complexity of FEC. It is about actually bringing a behavioral change within the capillaries of the organization. So where it happens in practice and incidents can arise.

Investigations engagements

Our reports are clear and specifically focused on your investigation question, so that you as a client can take well-considered decisions and follow-up steps.


Martijn Hin


Peter Diekman


René Boekel


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