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We advise our clients both on policy as well as operationally on matters related to Governance, Risk & Compliance in the broadest sense

Our in-depth knowledge and practical experience is in the field of the prevention of Financial Economic Crime, and the increasing expectations from regulatory agencies in these matters.

We advise on setting up and improving the internal control framework, from risk analysis (including the use of the Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis) to setting up structural control measures around the theme of customer integrity (Know Your Customer).

We carry out our work on the basis of our values 'our value' (pragmatic, involved, solution-oriented and hands-on) and years of practical experience in the financial sector.

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At a strategic level, we partner with the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors and senior management. Together with our clients we define the examination scope and we keep our clients informed of the assignment progress during the assignment. In our work, we use facts as the basis for informed decisions and policy-making. In doing so, we apply standards that apply within the organisation in line with expectations from society and regulators.


The obtained insight into the facts creates an overview enabling management to revisit and to refine the system of internal controls and related policies. The result being a robust challenge of FEC related issues. We have ample experience colllaborating and communicating with regulatory authorities.



The obtained insight into the facts results in an independent and professional report that can be used as a counterbalance response in FEC-related incidents. In practice, we often work for and together with lawyers.

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